Make a Difference

Olivia has epilepsy. She never thought she’d be able to swim, ride a horse, or do many of the “normal” camp activities that other kids do at camp. Through Camp Oz, she’s been able to do all of these things and more.

What a life-changing experience—made possible through donor support!

Credit: Tony Nelson

Last February, Olivia and her father, Mark, participated in the annual Epilepsy Advocacy Day at the Capitol. Olivia told her story, shared her struggles, and was honest about what she and the epilepsy community needs.

Camp Oz, advocacy, peer connection—as a donor you make all these amazing experiences possible. You provide people impacted by epilepsy with confidence-building experiences and life-changing opportunities.

$50 sends a Welcome Kit to children and youth joining Shining Stars.

$125 provides 1:1 support to a newly diagnosed individual with epilepsy.

$250 helps provide virtual Seizure Smart Training to companies and nonprofits.

$500 supports virtual Connect Groups, offering relevant information and connection to teens, adults, and caregivers.

$1,500 sends one child to Camp Oz.